nature trip - Workmans Camp


2010 was a busy year for us. We have been setting up a landing site in the middle of the bush with some small easy walks. The Workman's Camp has No phones, No Houses, No people. Just native trees and birds.


We call the site “Workmans Camp” as over 100 years ago a small team of men were building a road down the north side of Mokau River. This road was never completed but our landing site was used as a camp from these man for several years.


For the the real trampers out there, you can walk to the site over a nice tree covered hills and see that starts of a new two day Mokau River walk under development.


For the rest of us take a cruise on the Big Boat and visit the real New Zealand


Please note that this site is not used as a camp site today. No overnight stays will be allowed



mokau-river-tours-workmans_camp_02  mokau-river-tours-workmans_camp_05mokau-river-tours-workmans_camp_04 mokau-river-tours-workmans_camp_06